Yes we can! This is one of the exciting features that sets Mitzvites above all the rest for your online Mitzvah invitation planning.

Our “Additional Events” section gives you the flexibility to add up to four additional events to your invitation. Having a kiddish dinner the night before the big day? No problem! How about a Game Night party for just the kids after the event? Done! Adding multiple events to your invitation is easy and all inclusive with your paid Mitzvites account. No extra charges, no surprises.

Here’s how easy it is to add Additional Events to your Mitzvites invitation.

Start by logging into your Mitzvites account and clicking on the “Event Options” tab. Once there, you will see a tab for “Additional Events“. Simply enter a title and a description for up to four additional events and you can then set whether you’d like to Track RSVPs for each event as well. Once you are finished, click the “Save and Next” button to the lower right.

Now you are on your Guest List page. Easily assign guests to event(s) they are invited to by clicking the “Assign Events” button and clicking the appropriate checkboxes for each event. When this step is done and your invitations are sent, each guest only sees the event(s) they are invited to that you set up in this “Assign Events” section.

Now click “Preview” and you’ll see what your invitation will look like. If you click “RSVP Now” you will see that your main menu contains an “Additional Events” tab that your guests can click on and will feature the information that you entered in the steps above.

Then, click the “RSVP” tab and you’ll see that “Step 2: Additional Events” is now inserted into your invitation so your guests can RSVP for your Additional Events as well! All of the Additional Event RSVP numbers will be tallied in your RSVP Received email and in your online reporting pages so you’ll always be up-to-date and in charge of your event numbers at all times.