Mitzvites is not free for a number of reasons.

  1. Free invitation sites are not really free. They use your event to make money off of the advertising plastered around your invitation. The more guests you have, the more they make. In our opinion advertising on a Bar or Bat Mitzvah invitation is less than ideal.
  2. Mitzvites is 100% ad free.
  • We do not display advertising banners on your invitations, ever!

Mitzvites is built by people just like you.

  1. Although, Mitzvites our founders are internet pioneers, they are traditional at heart and understand how important the presentation of a Bar Mitzvah or Bat Mitzvah invitation is. The highest priority was placed on the artistic quality of our invitation design portfolio.
  2. Mitzvites employs the highest level of software developers and artists to capture the tradition, elegance, personality, and character that capture and embody the true spirit of the Jewish invitation tradition.
    • We invite you to compare the quality of our designs against any online invitation service and we are confident that our invitations are a cut above the rest.
  1. Mitzvites is laser focused and devoted solely to Jewish Bar, Bat and B’Nai Mitzvah’s and nothing else, unlike the other online invitation services.